Christie's Scapegoat [Bridget Anne Kelly] Faced Light Traffic On Twitter Trail

It's been said that in today's socially connected world, it's almost impossible to completely remove your digital Governor Chris Christie & Bridget Anne KellyGovernor Chris Christie & Bridget Anne Kellyfootprint from the Web. As hard as you try, traces of your bon mots, bio clips and tweets seem to remain sticky enough for others to find.

These remnants can paste together a snapshot - perhaps a little blurred at times - but nonetheless a time capsule of sorts. Yes, as much as you might prefer the world to forget, like a crime scene, it's somewhat impossible to wipe your online identity clean. Such is the case for one unfortunate governor's deputy chief of staff who was thrown under the bridge for apparently the greater good [Governor Christie's greater good, that is].

Ironically, even in the case of Bridget Anne Kelly, the scapegoat who tried to lead a relatively low profile on Twitter, there's still some threads that provide a little more insight than you'll  find anywhere in the news reports.

At first glance, the Google cache of Kelly’s now-deleted Twitter account reveals few personal details about the Christie staffer, except that she routinely interacted with officemates and friends, and enjoyed posting photos of her children on the microblogging network.

Bridget Anne Kelly's now deleted Twitter accountBridget Anne Kelly's now deleted Twitter account
However, if you look closely, you'll find a few tweets that shed some light on this illusive 41-yr old suburban mom of four. For a lady whose email was her undoing, it's odd that  she would would issue an order to limit the traffic flow on the George Washington Bridge from Fort Lee, New Jersey to New York City on August 13. Nonetheless, the evidence was damning when her now-infamous 8-word vendetta appeared: "Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee."

Yet, contrary to why she got involved in such a pernicious ruse, when her tweet dating back to October 3, 2012 seemed to indicate she wasn't particularly a fan of traffic.

Bridget's Tweet regarding trafficBridget's Tweet regarding traffic
Her very last tweet dated September 15th lends itself to to a bit of foreshadowing, when Ms. Kelly retweeted Oprah Winfrey indicating it was one of her top quotes of all time.

Did she know the axe was about to drop and fearful her destiny was about to be unfolded to the public? Or was she an innocent pawn that got ensnared in an operative gambit too big for her to escape?

Even though she wasn't that active on Twitter, it's understandable why she shut down her account. The court of public opinion in the Twittersphere has not been kind.  Dozens of tweets such as this one have already brought Bridget's verdict in as "guilty," without so much as a whisper from the lady, in her defense.

Condemning a woman without hearing her side of the story is almost as bad as firing the woman without asking why she did what she is allegedly accused of. Shame on both.

But then again, one fellow Twitterati did point to something that might have marked Ms. Kelly's destiny from birth.

Reminiscent of a self-descriptive name out of a Charles Dickens novel - could "Bridget" be a real-life, modern day villain in a 21st Century rendition of a Tale of Two Cities who preferred controlling the masses with the dreaded power of gridlock versus the guillotine?




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