20 Christmas Sweaters That Are Not Just Ugly But Wrong

Ugly Christmas sweaters have become tradition in the US. Folks sponsor marathons, contests and drinking parties galore all around the concept of the ugly sweater you get for Christmas. Here at Inventor Spot, we like to keep on the cutting edge, whether in awesome tech or in the fashion world. So we wanted to share with you a newer trend we've noticed, the Ugly Christmas Sweater that is also very wrong.

Some of these ugly sweaters are intended to be risqué, and others perhaps unintentionally naughty. Regardless, the results are hilarious. Here's are 16 great examples of the new trend in Ugly Christmas Sweaters, the ugly, naughty and oh so wrong:


1. Lick It Sweater


This naughty little gingerbread man has a tasty surprise for anyone brave enough to try it.  I think it looks like it will taste like peppermint.


2. Frosty the Nose Thief Sweater


The story is that both snowmen had noses, but one went to sleep and woke up to find his had been stolen. I think Mr. Frosty was just really glad to see Mr. Snowman. We are told these sweaters run about a size small, but they are heavy weight and well made.

3.  Squeeze My Huge ...umm...Reindeer Noses Sweater

Source: Unknown -  (Please let us know in the comments if you know its original source?)

Look at these enormous noses so well placed. Makes you want to squeeze them, don't they? They look soft.

4. Frisky Deer Sweater 


The reindeer know that when the days are short, the nights are long and cold. What better way to stay warm than to generate some body heat?  (Also available as a long sleeve t-shirt.)

5. Eat Me Gingerbread Sweater


Naughty gingerbread man has a naughty girlfriend, it seems. I would think the tinsel looks like it can get caught in one’s teeth since there is a lot of tinsel, so be careful!

6. Never Ever Eat Yellow Snow Sweater


We were all warned by our parents when we are children never to eat yellow snow.  Santa seems like he will have a fun surprise ready for kids naughty enough to do what their parents tell them not to do.

7. Polar Bears in Love Sweater


The reindeer are not alone it seems in enjoying the winter cold. The polar bears are all about body heat and friction, too. What better way to pass the long Arctic night than making baby polar bears and do it "bear" back?

8. Barfing Reindeer Sweater


Did you know that when reindeer are special? When they barf, they barf up candies and glitter. Still gross, no?

9. Reindeer Menage a Trois Sweater


Two is a crowd but three is company, right? In the six-month long night at the North Pole, things sometimes get pretty frisky. Celebrate the spirit of togetherness and love with this frisky trio. Those reindeer are a horny bunch aren't they.

10. Upside Down Snowman Sweater


Some snowmen should not do cartwheels. Especially if they have enormous...carrots.Gravity may force them to stay like that.

11. Deck the Halls with Dingleberries Sweater


…But they never told poor Rudolph that reindeer should always wipe their rears! Obviously, this reindeer was having too much fun to remember to stay clean. Eww...

12. Santa Is A Naughty Boy Sweater


It looks like Mr. and Mrs. Claus have been engaging in a little alternative lifestyle fun during the off-season. Are you on the Nice list or the Naughty list?

13. Come And Jingle My Bell Sweater


Bells are made for playing and ringing. So this sweater screams "come and ring these Christmas Bells."
When they sing Jingle Bells, I will now think of these bells jingling.

14. Kiss Me Under the Mistletoe Down There Sweater


Kissing under the mistletoe is a Christmas tradition so tempt your sweetie into complying with this age-old good luck ritual. It really is good luck to kiss under the mistletoe!

15.Santa On The Pooper Sweater


Yes, it's true, we all have to go the toilet. But whenever I imagined Santa, it was never when he is pooping. You can't unsee this.

16. Have a Ho Ho Ho Happy Christmas Sweater


… On the ninth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, nine ladies dancing…
Well, here are the first third of those ladies. Get the same sweater for two of your friends plus yourself, stand in a line and be true to the song!  You can all be ho ho hoing together. 

17.  Reindeer Balls Sweater

Source: Unknown -(Please let us know in the comments if you know its original source?)

Here's a reindeer just hanging around...and I do mean hanging. I wonder if he's as blessed in the front?

18. Stripper Barbie Christmas Sweater

From the genius mind of  Vintage Design by Vines comes this ugly and naughty Christmas sweater. If you ever thought Barbie would look good working a pole, bnow you can see what she looks like working the North Pole. It's from their funny and ugly Christmas sweater collection. 

19. Kardashing Your Ass Through The Snow

Since there seems no escape from all things Kadashian, perhaps you should just finally succumb to being a Kardashian fan by wearing this stunning sweater.  Made by theCostumeShop

20. Frisky Rudolph Sweater With Adjustable Package

This Frisky Rudolph Sweater offers a special package. You can insert your finger into the specially designed sweater to move Rudolph's package however you please. I can see some men playing for hours with their little package.

21. Christmas Sweaters For A Real Boob

Source: YourSassyGrandma

If you only have one boob or only one cute boob you want to propery showcase for the holidays, than what better way than a uniboob of Boob Christmas Sweater. You can buy this frisky sweater from the brilliant minds at YourSassyGrandma or make one yourself by just cutting a hole in your sweater to highlight whatever you want to showcase, be it your boob or perhaps your belly?

We hope we have given you a few ideas to warm up the Christmas season.

Take a look at all the ugly and wrong sweaters you can actually buy from the collection here on Amazon.

Now, snuggle up with a loved one in front of the Yule Log, sip some hot buttered rum or eggnog, and have a hot and bothered Holiday!

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Ugly sweaters tend to sell out quickly.  if your favorite is sold out, there are more ugly and wrong sweaters are available here on Amazon.

Created December 2013 and updated November 30, 2015.

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