Christmas Comes Early For Rock Climbers: Rock Climbing Mugs


Ordinarily sport-themed coffee mugs are simply adorned with a team logo or company brand. Just the knowledge that you're drinking your morning kick out of a cup bearing your favorite team's logo is enough to make that dark, earthy liquid that much tastier.

For rock climbers, the Cliff Hanger Mug designed by the Play Coalition takes sport mugs to a whole 'nother level. There's no branding or team advertising here, but the traditional mug handle is replaced with an indoor climbing wall mount--sure as hell beats another novelty carabiner. Not only does this give a distinctive look that makes this mug just right for any climber, it helps you work on your grip and arm strength first thing in the morning. 

Grip tight bucko, because that cup of coffee will be making more than one trip over top your balls. Unless you're so pumped that you drink your coffee standing up like this guy: 


Play Coalition is a design studio, so I don't expect to see these on the market for the holidays. Hopefully someone will pick this up because it beats buying the rock climber in your life a spool of rope. 

Via Trend Hunter