Christmas Comet May Not Live Up to Its Name

Some people think that there’s going to be a big show this Christmas. Comet ISON, casually referred to as the “Christmas Comet,” is believed to be on a course heading towards our sun, eventually to come within 730,000 miles of the surface of the great star. After being discovered by a pair of Russian astronomers, it was given this moniker due to the hopes of it passing through in a blaze of glory during this wonderful winter holiday.

But this may not occur after all.

According to an article in a Kazakh news publication, this phenomenon may not end up happening due to physical limitations. Originally it was believed that the Christmas Comet would last long enough to become fully visible to the naked eye from Earth – now though, some experts fear that the comet will disintegrate before it reaches a point closest to the sun, due to their observance of its light signature as it raced through space.

The ISON Comet: Source: WikipediaThe ISON Comet: Source: Wikipedia

Ultimately, the fate of the Christmas Comet is left to be seen at the end of this year. But unless it ends in a blaze of glory, it may just end up in cosmic space particles, doomed to wander the stretches of the universe for eternity.

Source: TengriNews