Christmas Tree Of Sardines Sparkles At Yokohama Aquarium

"Hey Dad, something's fishy about this Christmas tree!" Right you are, son, because the holiday display at Hakkeijima Sea Paradise in Yokohama is all fauna and no flora!

For the bargain price of a mere finsky (4,900 yen for adults), approximately 50,000 fish perform like some bizarre bubbling Busby Berkeley floor show of the sea thrice (sometimes fource) daily until December 25th. Yes indeed, the so-called "Christmas Super Iwashi Illusion" show is wowing Japanese visitors to the popular aquarium  though Santa, reindeer, elves or snow are nowhere to be seen.

According to the (admittedly miserable) English translation that describes the seasonal event at the Hakkeijima Sea Paradise aquarium, the show displays the "Christmas lust of fish underwater". Ooh, Christmas lust! It's also said that the "fish flock in a brilliance of performance", which is really saying something - just try shouting out "fish flock" half a dozen times without getting arrested.

What you DO get for your admission price is a scaled-up, no-smell sardine sea show by the seashore. Watch with amazement as tens of thousands of silvery swimmers form into a swirling cyclonic school when seaquarium staff dump a ship-load of powdered food into the huge, towering tank. Once the fishy free-for-all begins, blue and green lights are played upon the tank, revealing a glittering "Fishmas Tree" for all to see. It's truly a Christmas miracle... Cod bless us everyone! (via 3yen and Mainichi Daily News)