Chrysler Creates New Company Solely for Electric Vehicles

Chrysler has been working quietly on an all electric vehicle for a while now and it seems as though they have every intention of following through with the concept. The reasoning behind this comes after the news that they have created a separate company to help market the new EV and hopefully give Chrysler some footing to get back on its feet.

The new company is called Peapod Mobility and their first vehicle set to go into production is called the Peapod. The Peapod is a small neighborhood vehicle that can seat up to 4 adults and cruise around at a top speed of 25 miles per hour. It is available in 8 different colors and is currently priced at $12,500.

Peapod Mobility is also working on a 2-seater vehicle that will share the same 25mph top speed, along with a van and a small 2-seat utility vehicle that features a bed and toolboxes. There are also rumors of a city electric vehicle that will be able to reach speeds around 50 mph and can be used by daily commuters.

Expect to see the Peapod around your neighborhood within the year.