Chrysler Electric Van to Provide USPS with Small Test Fleet

While many of Chrysler's employees have been focused on the bankruptcy issue that has put the company's future in question, a few have been working hard on ways to help the company pull out of these tough times. Out of this effort came a new electric vehicle that Chrysler hopes will be able to catch the attention of the USPS.

The new all electric van is based on the Town and Country EV that was originally released to the public toward the end of last year, but sports a few large differences from the original concept. First and foremost, this new design will have no range extending system onboard, due to the fact that the average postal route is usually less than 20 miles per day. This kind of cycle makes the perfect match for a short range EV.

The new EV will also be offered as both right hand and left had drive, to accommodate different delivery needs. The interior will also have to be rearranged to make constant entry and exit smoother and also to make room for the USPS to move as much as possible in every trip.

Power will still be stored in a stack of A123's Lithium-Ion battery cells and provide power directly to the wheels of the van. While the all electric version will most likely be reserved for the commercial side of things, the extended range version will be available to the public.

The USPS will be testing a small fleet of the EVs in the near future and will make a decision about future purchases shortly after the trial is complete.


Jun 10, 2009
by Anonymous

Electric Postal Van

This van should be tested in San Francisco Marina district. Since San Francisco is the greenest city in the US.