Chrysler's "Imported From Detroit" Clothing Sells Out In Hours


The second that Chrysler's "Imported From Detroit" ad came on during the Super Bowl, you knew it wasn't just any ad. The somber tone. The unprecedented 2-minute length. The crescendoing Eminem soundtrack and cameo. For me, it goes down with 1989 Madonna/Pepsi "Like a Prayer" commercial--also two minutes long--as commercials that I will probably never forget..nearly 12 years and counting on the latter. 

While the real test of the commercial will be how well it warms consumers to Chrysler vehicles--and American vehicles in general, given its greater message, it's clearly resonating with customers so far. Before I'd even realized there was such a thing, Chrysler had sold out of "Imported From Detroit" clothing line. The line of $30 T-shirts went on sale last Wednesday and sold out in hours, according to the company. 

Chrysler remains mum on how many T-shirts it sold, leading me to wonder if it didn't short-stock its shelves just to keep the hype behind "Imported From Detroit" going. Responding to a question from Edmunds' Inside Line, a Chrysler spokesperson said simply "I can't say how many sold." So maybe they had 3 of each shirt, and selling out in hours wasn't that big of a feat at all.

Chrysler plans to make new "Imported From Detroit" clothing available in the near future. Look for Auburn Hills to milk this message for as long as people will listen. 

Via Inside Line 

The commercial: