Chuck Taylor Sandals: Converse Hi-Top Flip Flops!

Over the past couple of seasons, we've seen some of the top designers release booties that have ankle coverage, but open toes like sandals. It's a trend that might not fly with everyone, and part of that might be because so far, it's been moer of a high-fashion look. Now, one designer has made a much more casual version that just might be a hit with those who prefer the grunge look.

Chuck Taylor Converse SandalsChuck Taylor Converse Sandals

This design comes from BohemianPunk on Etsy. The designer decided to convert vintage Chuck Taylor hi-tops into flip flops that fit the trends of the season while incorporating the grunge style. They're funky and fun, and are sure to give you tan lines you'll wish you could forget; but I've said it before, and I'll say it again, that's just a sacrifice for style!

Via: TrendHunter


Feb 26, 2012
by Anonymous


did u cut that

Mar 31, 2012
by Anonymous

Hi top flip flop

Hi there my name is vikki and I live in the uk I would love a pair of these fab & so sexy sandals how can I get a red pair ? Please heeeelllppp mmee xxxx