Chumbuddy: Sleeping Bags -- The Next Generation

Ordinary sleeping bags are sooooo last century. Why go for the normal, safe, boring bag of down or poly fiber fill when you can get a bag that can have you playing "Landshark!" gags half the night. The Chumbuddy sleeping Chumbuddy Jr.Chumbuddy Jr.bags not only come as sharks, but also whales and alligators. The best part? They are primarily for adults. Only the shark also comes in a child size.

After you've done all your landshark jokes for your fellow campers you can remove the dorsal fin and use it as a pillow. You can say goodnight to your significant other while wrestling your way into the shark while quipping "We're going to need a bigger tent!"

Perhaps you could take it fishing with you the next day and scare the fins off all the little also-rans in the lake. Those trout may just give up and jump into your creel in terror. Now there's good eatin'!

Palligator!Palligator!If you go with the alligator sleeping bag instead you can work on your best Australian accent and your Crocodile Dundee jokes. Okay, gators and crocs are two different giant lizards, but we can exercise some creative license here. Your buds can also make a video of you wrestling the gator and then ending up as his dinner. LOL!

With the orca sleeping bag -- well -- you know you're just going to have a whale of a time with that one. You can go Biblical and get in touch with your inner Jonah.

So . . . where and how did this rather demented (and totally awesome) idea begin? Snore-caSnore-ca

The Chumbuddy started out as a school assignment for its creator, Kendra Phillips. In class she was asked to make a toy design and packaging. She has always been fascinated with sharks and felt that they had always gotten a bad rap in the media. She liked the idea of creating a shark as near life-size as possible. So her idea became part full-size body pillow and part cuddly stuffed animal -- that is if a shark, whale, or alligator can be considered cuddly. It eventually evolved into the current line of sleeping bags. 

It is a great item for all of us adults who have refused to totally grow up. It may seem pricey to some, but each adventure-laden sleeping bag is carefully handmade to exacting quality standards. No doubt you will be the coolest guy or gal on the camping trip with your Chumbuddy.

Each Chumbuddy comes with a reusable vacuum bag for easy and compact storage. You can buy then at Chumbuddies or on Amazon and avoid the sales tax.

More designs are bound to follow. I want one of those giant clams. Or maybe a dragon -- minus the fire-breathing of course.

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