Social Media's Black Hole Found At Chump Dump

Think of social networking in reverse. Instead of following folks, you make a concerted effort to 'unfollow' them - and in so doing having some fun sending them into the black hole of social media. Chump Dump, an app that's app-solutely as funny as it sounds is here to say: "You're following too many chumps!"

Did you ever ask yourself why you are following as many people as you follow on Twitter when you probably only communicate with a fraction of them? Aside from bragging rights, according Big Kitty Labs' founder Dan Rockwell, why do you need all this dead weight, when you can reduce your core group to those you are truly simpatico with.

Launched on July 6, the app now available on iPhones and Droids basically cleans up the list of people you follow on Twitter using game mechanics, actual metrics and crowd-sourced conversations. Here is Dan's explanation as to how users are rewarded for dumping chumps from your firehose feed.

Similar to Foursquare, Gowalla, Whrrl and some of the location-bases social networks, many of the apps that are launching these days are adding 'game-like' features to attract users - so they can scale at a quicker clip than those lacking this component. With Chump Dump, the game's rewards come in the form of badges and points when you dump chumps and save others from slipping off into the black hole. Vouchers are also awarded to help extend your 'lottery' period of 12 hours if you need the extra time.

"Chumpdar" is sort of like the visualization of the black hole where you can go and review those chumps that have been recently dumped and why.


You can also earn "karma" points when you save someone and comment as to why. "Why's" are key to the game, and will add up if you adopt recent "dumps" from other players - which in essence is saving them from the black hole and a life in social network limbo. However you take a big karma HIT when you try and adopt someone you just dumped. According to the game play: "that's just bad, don't do it!"

So differing from the Zynga games of Farmville and Mafia Wars where you can purchase virtual goods, at Chump Dump, it's more like 'slave trading,' where you determine what friends and followers to buy and sell.

If this is the app for you, Chump Dump is also scouring current Twitter chatter looking for hilarious tweets to help motivate the masses. They don't indicate you'll get a badge or extra points for finding one -but it just might save you from being dumped into the black hole!

See ya 'round chumps!