Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair Is Flippin Genius

 If you are a parent of young children, and willing to go out with your children, you have done two things: changed your baby on a floor because there was not a changing station available, and you have reluctantly held your baby while trying to enjoy a meal out because the one high chair in the restaurant was being occupied—or that one high chair was grosser than the dirty diaper you changed on the floor. The Ciao! Baby portable high chair solves one of these problems. And it’s flippin genius.

Moms Jayme Baker and Kim Strong invented the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to meal time with your child. It’s a camping chair for babies. With an easy to clean vinyl tray. And a cup holder. And a solution to every parent’s problem when they need somewhere to put their child when they are not eating at home.

Ciao! Baby is a freestanding, no assembly required, high chair for ages three months to three years, or up to 35 pounds. The chair easily unfolds for use, locks into place, and just as easily folds to go back into its accompanying canvas bag. It only weighs eight pounds and is slim enough to keep in the car or at a relative’s house.

Ciao! Baby is perfect for restaurants, picnics, camping, or dinners at the soccer or baseball field while an older sibling plays ball. For me, it would totally beat trying to keep two toddlers on a blanket while I stupidly assume they should sit still long enough to eat. And it would beat dragging our booster seats in and out of the car every time we plan on eating at a restaurant or a friend’s house. I have enough to worry about with three kids, I don’t need the anxiety of where to seat them when we venture out of our own kitchen for meals.

This genius of an invention comes in a variety of colors as well as two versions of a mossy oak print. And whether you are a sports fan from home or one who tailgates, Ciao! Baby is also available with your favorite college logo and colors.

As if the portable high chair wasn’t enough, the makers of Ciao! Baby also offer a clip-on umbrella which can be used on the back of the chair. The universal clip makes it perfect for use on a stroller too. The umbrella is made with UV lined fabric for SPF protection. It also has an adjustable tilt joint.

The Ciao! Baby portable high chair goes anywhere for the family who goes everywhere. It’s a solution to a common problem all parents on the go face, and it takes away some of the anxiety of getting out of your house with your kids. Ciao! Baby is not just convenient, it’s genius.

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