Cigarette Pack Mobile Phone

Here's another little gadget to file under 'Shanzhai.' For those of you not familiar with this trend in China, there's a whole industry of weird and wacky ghetto gadgets that simultaneously give you feelings of "Oh no!" and "Oh yes." The '7 Amazing Farmer Inventions' that I wrote about a while back could all be classified under shanzhai.

Here's a new gadget that certainly falls into that same crazy category: A cigarette pack mobile phone. This little winner will certainly be popular among guys in China. Given that about 57% of men over 18 are heavy smokers, you couldn't ask for a better market. Maybe a few of them would be willing to substitute out their cancer sticks for a cell phone? Lets hope so!

Check out the pictures of the phone below, courtesy of China Smack:


Cigarette Pack Mobile PhoneCigarette Pack Mobile Phone