Citroen DS High Rider Concept to Offer SUV Capability and Hybrid Drivetrain

As expected, automakers are inundating the world with teaser images of their concepts slated for the Geneva Show Floor. It is also no surprise that many of these new vehicles are either hybrid based or all electric. The most recent of these reveals, and one that has a respectable chance of making it to production, is the DS High Rider Concept by Citroen.

The DS High Rider Concept, as described by the designers, was made to be muscular looking four-seat coupe able to provide an exhilarating yet comfortable driving experience. The interior was laid out in a particular way that would keep space at a maximum without impacting the safety of the passengers. Unfortunately, no interior images have been released as of yet.

Power for the DS High Rider will be compliments of HDi DPFS diesel engine connected to the front wheels, along with an electric motor turning the rear axle. When not being used for propulsion, the diesel engine will be providing a healthy dose of electrons to the onboard batteries. When additional power is needed, the diesel will engage with the front wheels and help pull the High Rider to the desired speed.

The DS High Rider Concept will be greeting the world next month in Geneva where more details should be available.

Automobile Mag
Mar 2, 2010
by Anonymous