Citrus Fueled Sports Car Could Freshen Up The Future of Automotive Design

While many people are focused on redesigning our tried and true internal combustion engine, others are more interested in improving the fuel source we use in them. Most of these people are content trying to alter our current sources of fuel, but a few like to step off the beaten path. There are no better examples of this than the designers of the Stauro Concept.

At first glance, the Stauro doesn't seem like anything innovative or new for that matter. Sure it has only three wheels and looks sportier than your everyday eco-friendly vehicle, but what makes it so interesting? How about a 700 horsepower engine that runs on a citrus based fuel and burns almost completely clean?

On top of the engine, which is worth some serious green points, the Stauro will also be sporting as many recycled materials as feasibly possible. The shell will be 100% recycled aluminum, while the body panels will be constructed using a new kind of resin that is mixed using up to 40% recycled materials.

The Stauro was designed to be able to fit into the small spaces and tight corners found in the city, while also offering the performance of an exotic. Two people will fit comfortably into the cockpit and still have a few extra cubic feet for cargo.

The Stauro is still in the design phase, but could enter production without too much trouble.

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