Clam Corporation's Quick-Set Pavilion Is Quickest, Easiest Way To Put Roof Over Your Head

Clam Corporation Quick-Set PavilionClam Corporation Quick-Set Pavilion

During outdoor activities, sometimes you may need a break from the sun or the mosquitoes or another natural element. Whether you're planning your next camping trip or looking to hang out with friends and tailgate, the Clam Corporation's Quick-Set Pavilion is a great option for shelter.

This pavilion is a six sided shelter with mosquito netting and wind panels already attached that can be set up in under a minute. The wind panels can be rolled up or down as necessary and the mosquito netting is made of fire retardant material. 

Tailgating With The Quick-Set PavilionTailgating With The Quick-Set Pavilion

The biggest advantage of the Quick-Set Pavilion is in the name--it sets up super quickly. There are no rods to thread through the shelter, no sliding steel frame with the little buttons that pinch your fingers. To set up this pavilion, all you do is pull it out of the bag, at which time it will partially unfold itself, pull out the sides (the rods on the inside will lock in place, and then step inside and push the ceiling into place.

Take a look at the video below to see how easy it is to set up the Quick-Set Pavilion and to see the benefits it has to offer. 

Once the Quick-Set Pavilion is up, and again this should only take you about 45 seconds, you'll enjoy a 12.5' x 12.5' sheltered area, with about 8' of overhead clearance, inside the tent. That's large enough to fit a table and a few chairs, if you're looking to dine out of the elements, and most gas and propane heaters, if the weather gets a little cold. 

The Quick-Set Pavilion also features an extra wide skirt in addition to the mosquito netting, so the chances of bugs infiltrating your shelter is low. It also comes fully assembled, so when you take it out of the box, it is ready to be set up (and of course, that only takes 45 seconds).

Quick-Set Pavilion InsideQuick-Set Pavilion Inside

As I said, the Quick-Set Pavilion is perfect for tailgating, camping, cooking out or as a back-yard shelter. It's quick and easy to set up and gives you plenty of space so that you can enjoy the outdoors in the comfort of a shelter without being cramped. You can find out more about the Quick-Set Pavilion or order your own on Amazon

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