Clamping Your Lashes: Sephora's Revolutionary New Upside Down Mascara

Make-up artists have been sharing tips for years, one of which is to coat both sides of your top eyelashes with mascara, not just underneath. It is a bit tricky with a single wand since pressing down on top of lashes reduces curl, but Sephora recently released Upside Down Mascara as an attempt to solve this problem.

Upside Down Mascara is a double brush wand. It is meant to create volume, add length, and curl and define eyelashes. The wand acts as a clamp and can be used both open and closed in order to customize a look. With the wand open, pinching the wand around top lashes will create volume and full coverage. With a closed wand, the brush should lengthen top lashes and define lower ones.

Sephora Upside Down MascaraSephora Upside Down Mascara

The downside to Upside Down Mascara? It takes some practice. Using it as a clamp will probably be a failure the first few times. Most reviewers found it to be messy, but once you figure out how to clamp the lashes between the brushes, customers are saying it curls and lengthens fairly well. To avoid a clumpy mess, it is important to wipe the wand on a paper towel before applying it to your lashes.

Sephora’s new formula and wand design may not be perfect. I think we can all agree we are still on the quest for the perfect mascara. However, if you’re a mascara savant, or you just like trying new beauty gadgets, The Upside Down Mascara is worth a shot. You can purchase this mascara from Sephora or online at Amazon.

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