The Clarisonic Opal Brings Anti-Aging Home

For anyone looking for anti-aging treatments that can be done at home the Clarisonic Opal is now available.  This device, from the makers of the original Clarisonic, takes sonic power beyond deep cleansing.  Users of the company’s previous device loved the effective pore cleansing that made their skin better prepared to absorb moisturizing products.

With the Opal, users get the added benefit of having their skin sonically infused with the company’s anti-aging serum while getting the sonic benefits of the original product.  The device is reportedly very effective at plumping up lines and wrinkles to greatly reduce their appearance. 

Unlike many other treatments, this one can be used on the delicate area around the eye and is said to make a dramatic difference to wrinkles in this area.  The device also claims to improve skin firmness and hydration with ongoing use.  Due to the fact that the Opal uses sonic action and a gentle massage motion, the skin also gets a stimulating treatment during the process which results in a brighter complexion and a more energized look overall.

The Clarisonic Opal is certainly not inexpensive, but it is not outrageously priced either, especially when you consider the price of spa treatments.  For the price of one or two spa treatments you can have your own device that you can use over and over and give the impression that you can afford to spend all your time at the spa.

Manufacturer's Website: Clarisonic Opal

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