Clashing Pattern Menswear: Breaking The Conventions Of Style

Over the years, we've began to break those old rules of fashion that were once so constricting. It's now okay to mix green and blue, wear more than one pattern of they're coordinated tastefully, and of course, wear white after Labour Day. A line of menswear is pushing the boundaries even further with their designs for men.

ROC STAR 2010 Spring/Summer CollectionROC STAR 2010 Spring/Summer Collection

Plaid shirts have been huge over the past few seasons and it seems as though they'll continue to have an impact this Spring. It's always been a rule not to mix different two different types of plaid; kind of like the way it's not too tasteful to mix two different types of denim. Anyways, whether or not it's an antiquated rule, I have to say I've appreciated it. Two types of plaid just don't belong together in my mind. At least not on the same person.

Clashtastic PlaidClashtastic Plaid

Well, he ROC STAR's 2010 Summer Collection clearly does not agree, because it's a clashtastic combination of patterns that do anything but coordinate.

What do you think? Is this a welcome trend to help us take one more step away from those old-fashioned rules of style; or does this push the boundaries too far?

Viia: Hypebeast