Claspies: Make Putting On Panties Super Easy

Claspies UnderwearClaspies Underwear

Most people don't think changing into a new pair of panties is that difficult because it really isn't. There are rare occasions, though, where you might wish changing into a new pair of underwear was a little easier, and when those moments occur, you'll be glad to have a pair of Claspies.

Claspies are panties that have little clasps, so you can change your underwear without taking off your pants or shoes. They allow you to stand on two feet, so you don't need to try and balance while changing your drawers. They look and feel just like regular string bikini underwear, but they have two clasps on either side. 

Why would you ever need Claspies? Testimonials on the site come from athletes, adventurers and physical therapists. This underwear comes in handy when restroom floors are wet or dirty or when you need to change on the go. Claspies are great for people recovering from back and lower body injuries, as well. 

 Are Claspies the new go-to in underwear? Probably not. 99% of the time when you need to change your underwear, you're probably changing all of your clothes. You may occassionaly need a pair of Claspies while you're on the move, but Claspies really only work well to change into if you're already wearing a pair. If you have traditional underwear on while you're out and about and you need to quickly change, you'll still have to take everything off before putting on your new pair. If you frequently change clothes in restrooms or on the go, then Claspies will likely make your life a little easier. For the rest of us, this style of underwear is a novelty we don't really need.

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