Classic, Chic And Whimsical Birdcage Umbrella Brightens A Rainy Day

Umbrellas are an under-appreciated accessory, but if you follow my blog - you know I'm a big believer in their ability to brighten your day and your outfit on the dreariest of days. A new one to come across my radar is classic, chic and sure to be a conversation starter.

Birdcage UmbrellaBirdcage Umbrella

The Birdcage Umbrella is truly unique. While it may be simple in design, it comes across as classic (almost verging on old-fashioned) and yet it's still whimsical and fun. You'll still get a look at the outside elements with this clear umbrella, but you'll be looking through a birdcage and a little birdie taking a ride with you.

Another clear umbrella that I like made by the same designer is the Birdcage Two Faced Umbrella.

Two faced UmbrellaTwo faced Umbrella

If you're looking for something more colorful, one of these 7 Stunning Umbrellas Will Surely Brighten Your Day. I also like this article on  Japan's 10 Coolest, Cutest and Cleverest Umbrellas.
Jan 14, 2010
by Anonymous

Boo hoo

I went to the website and this model of umbrella was not there?! What happened?