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Classy Comfort With A View For Your Cat: Cat Clouds


What I love about products designed by The Refined Feline is that they serve cats in a very functional way, and they also add an elegance to your home decor that doesn't stand out and shout "This is for THE CAT!"  In fact, they're so lovely, they make you wish you were a cat so you could enjoy them too.  Take, for instance, the Cat Cloud cat shelves....


Cat Cloud: image via moderncat.comCat Cloud: image via moderncat.com


It's a two-level wall shelf that makes a perfect perch for your cat or cats and you have to admit it's quite charming. Available in white, off-white, black, and titanium, the sturdy Cat Cloud is easily mounted on your wall with its accompanying strong anchors, which enable the Cat Cloud to hold up to 70 pounds. The Cat Cloud even comes in right and left-facing options!


Cat CloudCat Cloud


Cat Clouds are cut from powder-coated steel and each section is 10 by 20 inches; the total width is 38 inches. The Cloud pads are magnetized so they will not slip and are covered with faux sheepskin, which your cats will adore! Here's the set-up...


Cat CloudCat Cloud


 And just picture yourself enjoying yourself in this lifestyle...




You can find the Cat Clouds at Amazon.com and PetSmart.

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