Gamers Go Giggity For Creepy Claw Catcher

Claw vending machines, candy cranes, UFO catchers - like all coin op arcade games, you pay your money and you take your chances. When it comes to wacky arcade games offering surprising prizes like these ones, however, some may keep paying until they go bust.

Ever seen those playrooms at McDonalds and IKEA that are filled with balls? Haven't you wondered what it would be like if they were filled with, say, something a little more adult-oriented?

Well, sure, we all have but that's not going to happen unless you're Hugh Hefner. Here's the next best thing though: a claw vending machine that offers players a chance to grab as many soft, semicircular fleshy objects as they like, albeit with a cold metal claw (brrr!)

Being as that sounds more than a little medieval, let me explain what's going on here. Instead of cute, harmless stuffed animals or cheap cheesy toys, some Japanese "UFO catcher" claw arcade games are filled with silicone bosoms, and ONLY silicone bosoms. Makes you want to just jump right in, don't it now?

OK, this is kinda weird, even for Japan. Claw arcade games in the Far East have been known to offer unusual prizes like live crabs or turtles, cigarettes, panties, power drills and packages of American $2 notes - at least somebody wants the latter. These particular machines trump them all - and by the way, what's the average age of people who visit gaming arcades in Japan?

Now just to clarify, the boobie prizes in question are not medical prostheses, plush toys or pudding cups - the last two of which do actually exist - but instead appear to be stress relief balls. Which is appropriate, finally. Whether real or fake, men raise their stress levels in a near-constant effort to touch bosoms and when they succeed, well, sweet relief ensues. It may be weird, but so's life it seems. (via 3yen and Akibatan)