Clean Up that Clutter with Pouch Pals

I don't know about you, but my kids' rooms are not all that neat and tidy. In fact, finding places to store all that stuff gets harder and harder each year. Toys, books, homework and all sorts of food wrappers clutter the bed, floor and pretty much cover every surface in the room. Truth be told, I'd swear a tornado ripped through and stayed about a month! If you happen to live in tornado alley like I do, you're in luck! Pouch Pals are here.

Pouch PalsPouch Pals

Pouch Pals, from the Soft Goods Design Company, are not only handy storage units for kids, they're unique and as cute as can be! Each adorable character is perfect for hiding storing all sorts of goodies, diapers or dirty laundry. And besides their good looks, there is no plastic in these critters either.  They are made out of felt, and not just any felt either. The Pals are constructed out of heavy duty, 100 percent wool industrial felt. Since the products are made out of felt, there may be some minor inconsistencies in the coloring.

Pouch PalsPouch Pals

Several different characters are available; the kangaroo, koala and pelican. But no matter which one you select, each one is available in either grey or cream colors and each can be hung on the wall or doorway. The Kangaroo measures about 30 x 40 inches and has a lime colored contrast stitching. The pelican, with his adorable pouch, is about 28 x 32 inches and has orange stitching. And the koala bear measures 24 x 28 inches and includes a nice blue contrast stitching.

Each Pouch Pal is rolled in a handy tube and retails for about $90.  With Pouch Pals, you never know - maybe the kids will actually have fun putting their things away?

Source and Photos:  Soft Goods Design and Green Your Decor