Clean, Green, and Mean! Lotus® Your Tap Water!

Time Magazine picked the Lotus® as one of the Best Inventions of 2006, and the inventor, Steve Hengsperger, just won the Ontario Premier's Innovator Of the Year Award, 2008, for his two Lotus inventions. What is a Lotus and why is it used as a verb?

The lotus flower being a symbol of purity, the Tersano Company picked the perfect name for its kitchen gadgets, ones that make regular tap water so pure you can sanitize your food with it, clean your food preparation area with it, pick up spots and stains with it... and even drink it.

But before you read on, or maybe the reason you should read on, you should know that all of the claims made by Tersano Lotus have been independently verified and I will provide the links to them.

Tersano makes two Lotus appliances to purify or lotus, your tap water: the Lotus Sanitizing System and the Lotus Water Treatment System.


The Lotus Sanitizing System


Ozone is a naturally purifying source and Lotus infuses ozone into your tap water making it 50 percent more powerful as a sanitizer than even bleach! Lotus does this through a proprietary technology that's much like a miniature of the systems used by hospitals to sterilize surgical instruments. The Lotus Sanitizing System eliminates 99.9 percent of bacteria, virus, and pesticides that may be on your food and you can sanitize everything from fruit and vegetables to meat, chicken, and seafood in the Lotus bowl that comes as part of the system.

The Lotus bowl may also be used to sanitize children's toys, jewelry, silverware, and hundreds of other small items. Put your stemware in the Lotus bowl and it will come out spot-free! In addition, the Lotus Sanitizing System comes with a spray bottle so you can use lotus water to spray any non-porous surface or fabric stains.Just think of all the commercial products you won't need any more. (My own horror is the smell of any cleaning chemical while I am cooking or eating food.) carries the Lotus Sanitizing System as well as a line of appealing accessories that turn the Lotus "kitchen gadget" into a clean, green, mean environment for bacteria... the Tersano Lotus Wet Mop, the Lotus Sanitizing Toothbrush Attachment, a Lotus Baby Bottle Attachment and Lotus Cleaning Cloths.

Note: It is NOT advisable to drink the water purified by the Lotus Sanitizing System. The Lotus Water Treatment System was designed to turn tap water into drinking water.


The Lotus Water Treatment System

Think about this unit as your own portable water treatment plant. The Lotus Water Treatment System uses the same technology to remove all the potential toxins in your tap water. There are two stages of the water treatment process: the first infuses the water with ozone to destroy micro-organisms and toxins; and the second uses a carbon filter to remove excess ozone and any remaining contaminants in the water. One filter lasts for about 700 10-minute cycles and, as with the Lotus Sanitation System, replacements are widely available. Reviews are very positive about this unit, most users reporting they no longer purchase bottled water, thereby saving money and unnecessary plastic bottles.

The Lotus Water Treatment System includes a base unit, processing carafe, clean-water carafe and carbon-block filter.

With systems that can make your home, food, and drinking water clean, fresh, and contaminent free, perhap Lotus does deserve to be a verb. Go! Turn your tap water into miracle water! Lotus it!

(To read more about the Lotus gadgets, visit the website and see how well they perform on the independent tests or buy them at Amazon.


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