Cleaning Beans Keep Bottles Clear And Bright

Summer's here and that means carrying fluids around to stay hydrated is even more important. Everyone these days seems to have a fancy reusable water bottle or two. It's great for the environment and with all the BPA and phthalate free choices out there, today’s reuseable bottles are great for our bodies too. The downside of reuseable bottles though is the cleaning.



A lot of reusable bottles have very narrow openings. They certainly aren’t wide enough to cram your hand in there and scrub all the nooks and crannies. After a while you have to wonder how healthy the water in there actually is. One option is to get a new bottle, but instead you could pick up some magic beans.



Bottle Cleaning Beans are specially designed scrubbers. Shaped like edamame or pea pods, these spongy little beans have major cleaning power. The beans fit through narrow openings and can be attached to a string for easy retrieval. They’re weighted with ceramic balls. To use the beans you simply insert them into your bottle, add a bit of water and a drop of dish soap and shake and swirl until the bottle is clean. Then all you need to do is rinse with clean water. They're ideal for cleaning baby bottles too.



The beans are sold in packs of two and are reusable. To check out the reviews on the Bottle Cleaning Beans or to pick some up, click here.   



Source: Amazon


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