Clearly The Best Canoe Is Clear

Clear CanoeingClear Canoeing

Conventional boats with their opaque, colorful hulls just don't cut it when you're enjoying the crystal waters of some tropic destination. With a transparent canoe or kayak, you can enjoy the underwater vista without craning your neck or threatening to tip over your vessel. Imagine being able to see the myriad of underwater life swimming and flitting around under your boat. 

Transparent Canoe KayakTransparent Canoe Kayak

Clear Blue Hawaii first created their first transparent vessel, the Molokini, in 2001 and since then have come out with several other transparent or transparent bottom vessels. The transparent canoes and kayaks are made of a tough polycarbonate material--the same material used in the production of bulletproof glass (so you won't have to worry about getting shot in your canoe, while you're enjoying the underwater wildlife)--and the transparent bottom vessels are generally inflatable. The vessels are lightweight as well, and the largest of them seat two people. 

The transparent kayak is the most expensive of the lot. It will cost you around $4,100 (shipping not included). The canoe is a bit cheaper and the inflatable vessels are the most affordable at around $900. One thing you should know about Clear Blue Hawaii is that the company has been notoriously bad about shipping orders and responding to customers. Second party websites, like SeeThroughCanoe and Hammacher Schlemmer
sell the products, however they acknowledge that shipping may take a while. SeeThroughCanoe won't even take your money until they have the vessel in stock. 

My apologies for bearing bad news on the heels of giving you the low down on such an awesome product. However, if you're willing to wait a few months, you could have a transparent boat, perhaps right in time for your vacation.