ClearlyU: A Personalized Bible for Kids


ClearlyU, by Zondervan, allows children to personalize their spiritual journey with a very unique Bible.  Written in the New International Version translation, the compact Bible includes over 900 pages of full text.  ClearlyU is available in three translucent shades - green, see-through clear or pink sparkle- and each color includes four different inserts.


Changing the look of your Bible is simple to do:

  • Remove the two-sided inserts from the cover of the Bible.
  • Select a new cover and insert it into the cover sleeve.

ClearlyU InsertClearlyU Insert

ClearlyU Specifics:

  • The product is recommended for children between 9 and 12 years of age. 
  • The Bible should not be in direct sunlight or exposed to extreme heat for extended periods of time.
  • Retail value is $19.99.

The official website is now offering additional inserts at no cost.  And users can also download a free template to design their very own inserts.   Visit the website for more information.


Sources:  Zondervan and Amazon

Mar 2, 2009
by Anonymous

Hey kids!

Not only can you choose what you want the cover to look like, but once you open the book, you can also pick and choose what you want to believe! Don't like gays? Bible says they're going to hell! Love shellfish? Well, that whole part about the shellfish being an abomination is not meant to be read literally! Any excuse you need to justify your ignorance, and fully customizable hatreds and superstitions!