Clic Readers Review: Everything You Needed To Know About Clic® Reading Glasses

I've grown a new appendage around my neck. It's called a CliC® reader. If I could find my other seven pair of readers that evaporated into thin air, I would toss them, because I'm now addicted to CliCs.

It's rare these days to find a new product that is so simple it comes with only one instruction: "CliC to close." All you have to do is wrap the CliCs around your head and "CliC" them closed over your eyes, because Ron Lando, CliCs' inventor, has thought of everything else, and most of these details will not be noticed by just looking at a picture. I note my surprises below.

Clarity of CliC Readers

It was love at first sight for me, because once I CliCed the CliCs into place, I could see better than with any other pair of glasses. It wasn't the strength of the lenses; that's been the same for a long time. It was the clarity! Even my costly pair of prescription glasses doesn't use this high a grade of polycarbonate! (First nice surprise.)

Construction of CliC Readers

 Yes, CliCs fit around the neck, but not on a granny chain or silicone tube. In fact, CliCs' frame and neck
piece are one in the same -- a sturdy, continuous molded loop of nylon. When molded, nylon provides a firm but semi-flexible support for the eye glasses, just what's needed for frequent ons and offs. (Second surprise.) Plastic would wear fast and snap at stress points.

Design of CliC Readers

You can purchase CliCs in sizes petite, small, or large. If the glasses feel too tight, you can adjust them by lengthening the metal extenders that reside in the temple parts of the nylon frames. (Third great surprise.)

Size small should fit most women, as the fitting extends out 3/4 of an inch on both sides. If I extend mine all the way out, it puts the lenses at about two-thirds down my nose, perfect for eye flirting. If I extend the length just a tad, the CliCs sit suspended just a bit above the bridge of my nose. The frames are not resting on my nose, so I can't get one of those I wear glasses all day permanent impressions, shining red between my eyes. (Fourth sweet surprise.) You can experiment with CliCs for the most comfortable fit. Size large extends an extra inch on each side. (Good surprise for men!)

The magnetized closure was not a surprise. But the magnets are not just any old magnets; they are neodymium magnets, also called earth magnets. Neodymium magnets draw together so strongly that you hear a click when they meet. And if you have hand tremors from coffee jitters or a medical condition, you don't need to be very accurate in lining up the CliC lenses; the magnets have a force of their own. (Surprise number five.)

Oh yes, and the continuous loop piece means you can't lose them, unless, of course, you take them off. (Not a surprise, but still a good thing.)

Comfort of CliC Readers

CliCs are balanced so that you don't even feel them when they are hanging from your neck. (This was my best surprise -- number six.) In fact, I look around my house for CliCs, and that's where they are -- around my neck!

Style of CliC Readers

CliCs don't come in "cat eyes" yet, but they do come in round, as well as the  popular rectangular shape. It's not the shape so much that rules these readers; it's the great colors they come in -- traditional tortoise and black, and wild translucent pinks, greens, oranges... even tie dye colors. I think they're pretty hot! (Pleasantly surprised - number seven.)

Versatility/Price of CliC Readers

This is the best part!


Clic Readers:

CliC ReadersCliC Readers

If you really need CliCs for reading, you can purchase the CliC Readers (Tie Dye) readers in diopter strengths from 1.25 to 3.5. If you don't need them for reading, but you want to look cool, you can purchase CliC fakers with 1.00 diopter lenses. Or, if you wear prescription lenses, you can even have those made to fit into your CliC lenses (surprise number eight). Price: $16 to $40 with standard diopter lenses. Reader Replacement Lenses (surprise number nine): $8.00 per pair.

Clic Sun Readers:

Clic Sun ReadersClic Sun Readers

Ok. Take all the options you have for your lenses and those CliC Sun Readers

you have for size, style, and color and then add the option of dark lenses, because you can have all the same flexibility with CliC shades (surprise number ten!). Some retailers give you a choice of lens colors. Price: $16 to $42, with standard diopter lenses.

Clic also makes:

Clic Sunglasses:

CliC SunglassesCliC Sunglasses

For the dashing, sporty person, this model offers a blue lense or a grey lense. But if you really want to be hot, you can get Clic Sunglasses II, that offers a choice of frame materials, nylon or aluminum, and each pair comes with two sets of lenses: one a dark gray polarized, and the other a blue mirror (100% UVA and UVB rated). Prices: $40 to $100. Replacement Lense Prices: $20 to $30 per pair at Amazon.


CliC Goggles:

CliC GogglesCliC Goggles

For the windsurfers, sky-divers, skiers, and other really active sports persons, CliC Goggles come with everything your sport demands: sun filters, air filters, extra-strong magnetic hold... you name it. You can wear these over your prescription glasses or have them fitted with prescription lenses. Price: $40 to $80. Available at Amazon.

There are brands you stick with for dependability, like Hammacher Schlemmer or L.L. Bean. I think that CliCs is going to be one of those brands.

Keeping you posted...

EDITORS NOTE: CliCs are now available from here and at  many other stores and sites throughout the world.

Source: CliC Readers

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Boomer Babe

Nov 7, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Good stuff on industrial design

Now, that's putting a twist on a old design. It's an example of thinking outside the box when it comes to industrial design. They still may need my EYE-D product to locate them when they get lost. This is a good thing for me!

Bobby Amore
American inventor final 12

Feb 22, 2009
by Anonymous

i love clic glasses

I love clic glasses. i have the brown one. iI bought it at Ben Gurian Airport in Tel Aviv and have never regreted buying it. In the past my glasses used to go missing or broken but with clic, it always around my neck if it's not on my face. In fact nobody where i stay have seen them before and people keep asking me for them. I will love to get some more for myself and for friends. It's the best. Hurray
Pls make some more sunglasses i'm interested. I only have the reading one.