Clip In Man Bun Gives Guys More Styling Options

There are a lot of holiday parties coming up, which sends many people into a frenzy as they try to decide what new looks they will sport to each festive event. There is no denying that with the wide range of female targeted fashions, accessories, makeup and hairstyles, the women have a lot of room to experiment and change things up.



The guys are not completely out of luck though. It turns out that the currently popular man bun, once accessible only to guys with long, flowing locks, can now be had by any hipster curious gent. That’s right guys, if you’ve been dreaming of throwing your hair into a perfectly haphazard updo, then you’re in luck. The L'Vanah Clip In Man Bun has arrived and it just may be the holiday accessory you’ve been waiting for. After all, who doesn’t love an impeccably groomed man in a great suit with a not-too-contrived man bun to top off the look?

The real beauty of the Clip In Man Bun is that there is no need to wait months while you grow out your hair, all the while gazing enviously at all the spectacularly tousled man buns out there. The Clip In Man Bun also eliminates the worry that the trend will be all but over by the time your hair reaches the ideal man bun length or that the man bun simply doesn’t suit you. The Clip In Man Bun is no fuss, no muss. You can order today and be be testing out your own man bun within days.



The L’Vanah Man Bun comes in brown, blonde and black, so you are almost certain to find your ideal shade (sorry gingers, looks like you've been overlooked as usual). As the saying goes, “fake it ‘till you make it”. To see what others have to say about the Clip In Man Bun or to pick one up for yourself or your hard to buy for brother, father, son, etc., click here.    


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