'Clippy' Pocket Scissors Holster Covers All the Points

Running with scissors again? Japan has something for that: the “Clippy” pocket scissors holster! This kissin' cousin to the classic nerdy Pocket Protector makes it possible for sharp travelers to practice safe snips.

Think of the many times and places you need to use a scissors, every day, day after day... that's a lot of times and places! Wouldn't it be great if you could carry a pair of scissors around with you wherever you go? Of course, you could just jam 'em in your pock-OUCH!! Oh well... children are like, really over-rated anyway.

Now the sharp minds at Japan's Kokuyo (they're the folks who brought us the five-pointed eraser) have made running with scissors as safe as carrying around pens & pencils in a plastic pocket protector. The nerdy analogy is a valid one: Kokuyo's “Clippy” pocket scissors holster is a refined, single-purposed extrapolation of the classic geek accessory.

Of course, wearing a Clippy may invite caustic comments from schoolmates, co-workers, and the rest of humanity but hey... let THEM live on the edge where an auto-vasectomy is just one trip away.

Clippy keeps those razor-sharp points safely muzzled much the same way Dirty Harry's handgun holster secures his trusty .44 Magnum Smith & Wesson Model 29 revolver. Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk? If so, tape up those eyeglasses and head on out to Rakuten where you can procure your very own Clippy holder (and the included Clippy scissors) for just 525 yen (about $6.85) each.

Editor's Update: The Clippy Pocket Scissor is now available in the U.S. You can find it at Amazon here and at other retailers. 

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