Clock Art – Telling Time With Attitude


Steampunk clock-maker Roger Wood creates unique works of art with a variety of unusual materials.



3386 Wheels3386 Wheels

His collection is called Klockwerks and each handmade piece is one-of-a-kind that seems to be bursting with a story. Steampunk is a genre of fantasy and spec fiction that began in the 1980s and was considered a variation of cyberpunk. I've included some clocks that have already been sold just because they look so cool.



144 Box on Ped144 Box on Ped

Based in Toronto, Roger Wood collects odd and unusual artifacts for his pieces. What I like about this art is that the clocks are completely functional and will tell the time while being a good conversational piece because of their unusual look.



1851 Sunburst1851 Sunburst

3147 JV3147 JV

The Art Gallery of Ontario says of his work: “These are no ordinary clocks. Toronto artist Roger Wood imbues each piece with an alluring whimsical quality that will fill a room with charm and intrigue. No two clocks are alike and each one features Mr. Wood’s own unique signature: a feather.”



1686 Buck Rogers1686 Buck Rogers

Projector ClockProjector Clock

Prices for some of these pieces that are pictured range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. The soup can in some of the images is used for size reference, and not part of the clock. But you knew that already, right?

Exploding Alarm ClockExploding Alarm Clock

Small Exploding Clock IISmall Exploding Clock II

Shoe Mold ClockShoe Mold Clock

They should make a movie about these clocks. Maybe have some mad clock scientist create these works of art and then have the clocks come to life and eat him. Or at least tell him the wrong time. Now that would be scary.

I love how he takes items that are of no interest to most people and makes them stand out in these clocks. It's interesting to look at them and try to discover what piece each part was made from.

What do you think? Which ones are your favorites?




Copyrighted images used with permission. Please visit Klockwerks by Roger Wood to see more of this intriguing artwork!



Jan 4, 2010
by Toby
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Nice clocks!  Welcome back,

Nice clocks!  Welcome back, Diana!


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