Clockman, Blood Type Alarm Clock With A Bloody Annoying Personality

Clockman from Takara Tomy is really cute - for about 2 minutes, until its personality chimes in, along with various spoken reminders keyed to your blood type. Wait, what?

Yep, your blood type. What, you thought the 4 dayglo colors highlighting Clockman were just for show? No no no... Each color conforms to one of the 4 main blood types: A is pink, B is blue, O is yellow and AB is green.

Since many Japanese believe strongly that a person's personality expresses itself as a result of their blood type, Takara Tomy has endowed Clockman with the same attributes. Basically, if you hate yourself, you'll despise Clockman... then again, if you're the world's biggest narcissist you'll still hate Clockman. Watch this subtitled video and tell me I'm wrong:

You see? Clockman's like having a bitchy mother or mother-in-law in a box. Beside your bed. Morning and night. Making snide wisecracks about your weight. Even when Clockman shuts up for a while, he's still looking you over with one of his varied expressions. Own one for a while and you won't need any sound to know what he's thinking. Like I said, creepy.

If, after all this, you still want a Clockman of your very own, it's now on sale in Japanese department stores. The price is 4,494 yen (about $49)... and your sanity! (via Designboom)