What Time Is It? Your Barking, Meowing, Or Singing Clock Will Tell You

I'm always on the hunt for animal lover gifts, so naturally I was wooed by these animal clocks made by Mark Feldstein Products.  Each clock represents an array of 12 breeds of dogs, cats, or birds and every time the big hand hits 12, you get the bark, meow, or song of the breed of the hour.  These clocks are sure to surprise and please kids and adults alike.

Each of these wall clocks can be used as a desk clock if you perch the clock on the enclosed stand.  Another neat thing about the clocks is that they don't bark, meow, or sing at night!


The Dog Lover's Barking Dog Clock


Barking Dog ClockBarking Dog Clock


Perfect for dog lovers, the Barking Dog Clock features 12 of the most popular pet dogs.  It lets you know what time it is no matter where you are in the house.  No, the dogs don't count out the time with their barks, but each dog naturally has his own "voice."  So once you learn the difference between the bark of a Golden Retriever and a Labrador Retriever (good luck!), you'll know that it's 3:00 o'clock and not 12:00 o'clock.  This wall clock is available in 13 inch and 8 inch diameters; battery operated. (Update: Clock is no longer available.)


The Cat Lover's Meowing Cat Clock


Meowing Cat ClockMeowing Cat Clock


Not many people get to hear what different cat breeds sound like, since most cats are kept indoors and hide from visitors when they come.  So this wall clock will be a happy challenge for a child who just got his first kitten or a seasoned 'cat lady.'    The Meowing Cat Clock is available here.


The Bird Lover's Audubon Singing Bird Clock


 Audubon Singing Bird ClockAudubon Singing Bird Clock


Keep your cat away from this clock!  It will drive her crazy! 

Some of the 12 singing birds on this clock may be found near your home; they are all birds found in North America, but may also give concerts on other continents.  Their songs are original, composed by their ancesters.  Indeed a very interesting and enjoyable clock; great for bird watchers or naturalists. In 8 inch and 13 inch diameters.

Ah, someday, people will love bees and make a Buzzing Bee Clock with many breeds of bees... but for now, That's the buzz for today!


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