Clockwork Twenty2 Motorcycle Reimagines & Reengineers The Classic Honda CB750 Sportbike

Hailed as the world's first superbike, the game-changing Honda CB750 debuted in 1969 and went on to sell over 400,000 units over a ten-year production run. How do you top that? Try the Clockwork Twenty2 Motorcycle, a 1978 SOHC CB750 modernized, upgraded and dressed-up to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Montreal-based Clockwork Motorcycles is no stranger to this sort of thing; the firm's stated mission is “about turning vintage motorcycles into simple minimalist machines made to be ridden and all about aesthetic.”

“It's about authentic materials and true craftsmanship, about quality and attention to details... We experience motorcycles as a great way to freedom, adventure and friendship. Our quest is to share that with you.” And so they have, c/o the new Clockwork Twenty2 Motorcycle.

As mentioned, Clockwork starts with a 1978 Honda CB750 that's been stripped down to the bare necessities. Even a few of those have been switched out, such as a new set of Suzuki Gsx front forks and brakes subbing for the standard Honda parts. The frame has been slightly modified, then powdercoated in a mean monochrome matte finish.

The CB750's groundbreaking 736cc (44.9 cubic in) SOHC air-cooled, transverse-mounted, inline four-cylinder engine has been bored out to 836cc – a keyless ignition spurs it into life. Additional aesthetic touches include a custom-made side cover and battery box, a leather seat, and a digital Motogadget gauge cluster.

You know you want one... but Clockwork Motorcycles isn't ready to post pricing just yet. Check out their website for more info on the Twenty2 and forthcoming price/availability news. (via Uncrate)