Clogstrom Caterpillar Clogs: These Kids' Sandals Are Functional And Super Cute

Finding shoes that kids will put on and keep on can be a challenge. The odds of children’s shoes fulfilling their purpose are higher if the shoes are easy to put on and fun to look at. Clogstrom Kids’ Indoor and Outdoor Caterpillar Clogs are functional and cute—their Tank Clogs are too!

I have three kids. Putting shoes on all of them, to only turn around and do it again ten minutes later, is a total drag. But they each have one specific pair of shoes that they will keep on. However, their favorite pair is not practical for all situations, especially during our short New England summer. Flip flops are waterproof, but fall off easily and are not good for running or riding bikes. Sneakers usually require socks and are not waterproof. Rain boots are heavy and turn little feet into sweaty and stinky extremities.  

Clogstrom Caterpillar Clogs are made from injection-molding foam so they are lightweight and waterproof, and they are easy to slip on and stay on with a rotating heel strap. They also have ventilation holes on the sides and the top to keep little feet cool, or at least cooler than if they were bundled up in socks and rain boots. And if you have a child who gets caught up on semantics, you would not be lying if you called Clogstrom Clogs shoes or sandals. They are both.

These clogs run in toddler sizes 4 to 8; if your child has a wide foot, it may be best to order a size bigger than they normally wear. The strap will keep the shoe in place. Even the pickiest toddler will find a color they like with Clogstrom’s seven different color combinations. From pink and purple to black and green, there is plenty of variety. A toddler may not notice this, but even the details on the bottom and inside of the clogs are fun.

If your child is into something a little more butch than caterpillars, Clogstrom’s Adorable Tank Clogs may be the way to go. They come in either blue and black or green and black, and come in slightly bigger sizes from toddler 4 to 9.

Vacations to warm destinations or long warm seasons at home sometimes call for bare feet, but they always call for a comfortable pair of shoes. Clogstrom Caterpillar and Tank Clogs offer protection for tender feet while taking away the struggle of keeping them on said feet. Parents also love how easy they are to clean and how quickly they dry.

And since they are so fun—and cheaper than most comparable children’s clogs—buy an extra pair and use them as indoor shoes. They will help prevent falls and will likely stay on longer on cool days than socks or slippers.

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