Up Close With Birds 'N' All - A Hummingbird Feeder For Your Face

Spring is in the air, and that means that hummingbirds aren't too far away. People everywhere are loading their hummingbird feeders, in the hope of getting a buzz every time a hummingbird buzzes close by.

But they don't tend to come too close if your personal space invades theirs. Unless you happen to be wearing a hummingbird feeder on your forehead. Then they come real close.

California inventor, Doyle Doss, has developed the :--2<: (Eye to eye) Wearable Hummingbird Feeder for this very purpose. And it works:



But he doesn't stop there. Doss' heatstick.com lists a series of his quirky, utilitarian inventions, including a candle space heater and a thermal fan that redirects warm air from your ceiling to your feet.

So, if you're interested in "environmentally friendly 'low tech' solutions" to your high tech existence, you need look no further than Doyle Doss. After all, that's what he's all about.