A Closer Look At The Hoof Shoe Trend: 5 Fashionable Or Freaky Hooves

Who knew that horses, cows and camels had feet that could be so trendy? Well, over the past year, there have been a number of interesting shoe designs made to resemble hooves. In some cases, designers are know, in other cases, no one seems to want to take credit for the funky designs (who would have thought?!). Whether this is a trend that you love or hate, it's probably one that you have strong feelings about, and here are some of the most fashionable and freaky cloven hoof shoe designs I've come across recently!

#5 Fashionable or Freaky Hoof Footwear- Cloven Hoof Boots


Hoof BootsHoof Boots

Okay, you might not want to quote me on this one, but I'm fairly certain that this cloven hoof boot is being worn by a man. Though, perhaps not. This particular photo has appeared on multiple fashion and design website, though no one seems to have been able to track down the designer behind this concept. Yes, this footwear is inspired by livestock, and yes, you might have to take out a second mortgage on your home to be able to purchase a pair (wherever they come from). This cloven hoof boot design is one that carries the style right through fall into winter so this fashionable or freaky trend doesn't have to be dictated by the seasons.

Image via: Picnic at Stonehenge

#4 Fashionable or Freaky Hoof Footwear- Cloven Hoof Shoes for the Home


Cloven Hoof SlippersCloven Hoof Slippers

These hoof shoes are comfortable slippers, perhaps best suited for the home as slippers! They are a design by Japanese brand Oki Noki slippers, proving that this hoof shoe thing is a global trend. With a design tall enough to encircle the wearer's ankle, these hoof shoes are another design that might carry you through from season to season, if you like resembling a camel.

These cloven hoof shoes are called Ikitabi, and technically they're from a line of Ninja slippers. Livestock really must be fierce these days!


#3 Fashionable or Freaky Hoof Footwear - Horse Hoof Heels

Horse Hoof HeelsHorse Hoof Heels

These hoof heels are a little bit more classy. They have a wrap design, and a hoof bottom that's offset by a sky-high stiletto. Designed by AF Vandevorst and were featured in this year's Paris Fashion Week as part of a whole equine inspired line of designs.

These horse hoof heels still look a little bit strange, but will act as positive conversation starters; unlike some of the other hoof shoes - these might not get a "what the hell is she wearing?" reaction...probably.

Via: Public Personae

#2 Fashionable or Freaky Hoof Footwear - Horse Hoof Heels (without the heel)

Hoof HeelsHoof Heels


These shoes require wearers to learn to walk like a horse. Gravity puts all of the foot's weight in the front part of the shoe that boasts the hoof shape, while the back is there strictly to accommodate the rest of the foot, which sure is inconvenient in a shoe design like this.

Comfort probably isn't a feature of this freaky shoes, though you're sure to attract attention - especially as you clippity-clop your way through a party. That, or you'll get stares when you're the one falling on her face before you've hit the martini bar because gravity just isn't on your side.

Via: Global Grind

#1 Fashionable or Freaky Hoof Footwear - Deer Hoof Shoes


Deer Hoof ShoeDeer Hoof Shoe

There's rumors circulating around the internet that these rather horrifying Deer Hoof Shoes might be real. Though it might be fortunate that their true origins are unknown. This is where the line from fashionable to freaky is unequivocally crossed. While hooves of livestock and other mammals might have inspired a trend in footwear, deer hoof shoes that are identical to the real thing just aren't sexy.

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Via: The Fashion Police

Dec 8, 2009
by Anonymous

Beth Ostrosky Stern needs to model these shoes


Dec 14, 2009
by Anonymous

Fashion failure

The author needs to do some more research before jumping in with both feet.
The 'Ikitabi' from Japan that are featured in this article? Those are a traditional Japanese clothing design for socks, called 'tabi' which were used with sandals. They've been around for thousands of years, and been in popular Western culture for at least a few decades. Despite what Beth so desperately wants to find, tabi socks are not 'hoof shoes' and are definitely not a trend.

Jan 6, 2010
by Anonymous

Agreed with above statement

Agreed with above statement - they're pretty traditional Japanese wear and a lot of Japanese socks are shaped to fit that kind of shoe (or shaped to fit women's traditional sandals).

Those last couple are quite a bit freaky! It'd be neat to have a regular-shaped shoe that left hoofprints though...

Jan 6, 2010
by Anonymous

have you ever seen a deer's hooves?

the hide used to make the last set of hooves might be from a deer, but the hooves are not. Deer have tiny, cloven hooves. The hooves in the footwear featured may be from a deceased horse but it's really hard to tell for sure. Looks convincing to me, though.

Jan 6, 2010
by Anonymous


The Tabi shoes in #5 are a staple of Martin Mason Margiela. Margiela has been producing them for years and are a signiture item and by the name Tabi, they are clearly inspired by the Japanese footwear of the same same, not hooves.

Jan 6, 2010
by Anonymous

surfers use cloven boots too.

split toe neoprene boots are standard for surfing now. just like japanese ninjas have known for a long time, they give more control where you dont need a bulky and hard flat sole. theyre kind of like in between being barefoot and wearing shoes.

Jan 7, 2010
by Anonymous


Tabi = Hoof Fail.

Jan 7, 2010
by Anonymous

Okay, yeah, tabi are

Okay, yeah, tabi are traditional and Japanese and all that, but the fact of the matter is, they look like hooves. Doesn't even require much imagination to get "hoof" from tabi. Lighten up.

Jan 7, 2010
by Anonymous

If they interest you, you can get them.

I believe that the folks at the water-hole (www.water-hole.com) have been making these for years. If you want to order a pair.

Oh and the Tabi have been around for hundreds of years. Take a look at Geta or Zori shoes. Or watch any vaguely accurate movie about Gesha (who florished in the Floating World, just after 1600 Japan. They even have modern steel-toed Tabi, for construction workers. Although, the Tabi with heels, in the first picture are delightful.

Jan 7, 2010
by Anonymous

Hoof boots

There are folk around the world who like to take the role of human ponies, and dress up accordingly.

They'll be watching this trend very closely indeed, and probably buying some.

In fact the growing numbers of such hobbyists may even have inspired the trend!

Jan 8, 2010
by Anonymous

5# loosely inspired from the

5# loosely inspired from the tabi, but it's just a silly notion here.
al they did was make a split between the first 2 toes.

4# what a ripoff, marketing the japanese traditional "tabi" as their design?

3# a resemblance of the hoof, but not from the side, or up front.
besides, the "fashion and model) kills the looks.

2# this sure never was a Fashion, they've been sold for years, and not as a Fashion item.

1# as stated before, even if the skin came from the deer,
the hoof does look more of the pony.

Jan 8, 2010
by Anonymous

Hoof Boots

I personally have a pair of the Kaiser Black Patent Leather hoof boots as shown above and I have a pair of the Water-hole Hoofs ( both front & Rear ) for hands and feet and have worn them for years at human pony shows. I can wear them for most of a day even though they do not have a heel or any way to take the pressure off of the ball of the foot.
i love my pony hooves and wear them proudly whenevr I am in ponyboy Hurdles mode :)

Jan 20, 2010
by Anonymous

Boots Pic #1

Those boots were worn by SJP. She was photographed wearing them in NYC while leaving a hair salon I believe. The pic was on one of the usual gossip blog sites.

Jan 25, 2010
by Anonymous


Deer have cloven hooves, not single-toed hooves, as shown in the "deer" hoof shoes. Those look real, and are almost undoubtedly from someone's My Little Pony.

I also think they're pretty awesome, and would be awesomer still if it weren't for the disruptive placement of the zipper. But, then, I play with animal parts for fun, what do I know about haute couture?

Feb 4, 2010
by Anonymous


SHOEVES = Shoes + Hooves!

I think everyone just wants to look like a faun.

Apr 23, 2010
by Anonymous

Umm, yeah.

#2 is NOT a form of fashion. Those hooves are worn by people that are into a fetish known as "pony play". The boots are made with no heel to hinder one's walking ability on purpose.

I'm pretty sure sexual fetishes don't make it to the "Fashion" list.

Jul 29, 2010
by Anonymous

deer are even toed

deer are even toed ungulates, meaning they have two toes. That #1 selection is obviously intended to be an even toed ungulate---Read: Horse. The fur is too long to be deer's also. And deer don't have zippers.

Sep 14, 2010
by Anonymous

those hooves didnt come from

those hooves didnt come from a deer.deer have CLOVEN hooves! and besides, there are many synthetic hooves made from cast resin and acrylic that taxidermists and hobbyists use to recreate animals without actually having to kill the animal. and these materials would be easier for a designer to come by than actually poaching the deer. besides there are all sorts of regulations,laws and red tape prohibiting such things

Sep 14, 2010
by Anonymous

#1 heels

Where can I get those !!!

Oct 22, 2010
by Anonymous

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Oct 22, 2010
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Jul 7, 2011
by Anonymous

#1 heels

those were sold at a charity event at the Cheltenham Festival for £1,300 a pair. they are made of carbon fiber and horse hair.

Nov 18, 2011
by Anonymous

attractive and repulsive

OK, gotta say I love #2. #3 is nice too, but I think #2 just fits my strange yet fashionable style. I love clothing that stands out but still has beauty. I also think that the #2 could really help a girl hone her agility and balance, while turning heads in a good way. Definitely my kind of shoe. I hate the deer shoes, of course. The ones with the separated toe just don't do it for me either. Whoever came up with those is a complete nincompoop, and I don't mind him/her knowing I think so either. I love #3 for the simple fact that it gives a different sort of look while still having its own unique style. The negative things I had to say were, by the way not intended to offend this article's author. I loved the article. There are a couple of shoes here that I would most definitely love to own. Thank you for writing this.

Feb 21, 2012
by Anonymous


I... want... them... so... HARD!!

Mar 11, 2012
by Anonymous

Oh my!

Shoe number 2! Where can I get those?