Close-Up of the (Soon to be in Production) Toyota iQ

Toyota has been pushing the new iQ since it was first seen at last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show.  Now, the little car has a full production model ready for the road and Toyota has given us a preview of what to expect at the Geneva Motor Show this year.

The iQ measures in at just under 3 meters long, mere inches longer than the Smart forTwo. However it also has a set of back seats and a little extra space for a trunk. Saying it will seat 4 people however, is a slight exaggeration. If anyone over 5'9" is driving, there will not be enough leg room for the average full sized adult to sit behind them. Nonetheless, 3 plus 1 seating is nothing to sneeze at.

Some of the most impressive achievements are ones that most people won't notice. To keep the front end short without compromising crash safety, Toyota engineers had to redesign the steering system and the transmission.

The interior, as with most of the new entry level subcompacts, is simple and straight forward. There are no fancy trims or cushy options. It features 12 small airbags that will surround the passengers in the case of a collision. There are even airbags right above the rear window to protect the back seat riders if you get rear-ended.

Power comes from a 1.0 liter petroleum engine and, if you check the right box, it will touch the ground after going through a new Constant Velocity Transmission (CVT). There are no official power figures or pricing for the iQ yet, but you can expect them fairly soon.

Toyota is also planning on using some of the engineering from the iQ in the newer models of the Yaris. The reconfigured transmission and steering system are only some of things they are talking about including in the future lineup. 

Via : Left Lane News 

Sep 15, 2008
by Steve Levenstein
Steve Levenstein's picture

A "Smart" idea!

Up here in Canada we see the Mercedes "Smart Fortwo" all the time. They seem to have no problem fitting in with traffic whether it be city street or multi-lane highway. Toyota should be able to sell every iQ they can make.