Clothes Hanger Promises To Sort Out Your Clothes

I have quite a hectic social life, (which I could really do without...) and the greatest problem is that I never seem to remember what I wore where, with what and who...

Now this might seem trivial and downright silly to many, and I accept that. But when one has to attend half a dozen formal evenings a week, one really does not want to repeat a dress or accessory too often. The' others' always remember what you wore when!

The Clothes Planner Hanger promises to remove a few of my woes. Each set comprises of 5 gentle satin and faux suede clothes hangers, plus a set of "planning" sheets. Now these allow you to record when you wore a dress, what you did in it and what or who you wore with it!

The hangers are handcrafted in the USA and are 13" high x 16" wide. They also look pretty dainty and feminine, what with all the satin and lace. Each set reatils at $18.75.

Life should become easier once I procure a few sets of this.

Via: outblush