Club Bounce: Long Beach Night Club For The Big And The Beautiful

Club Bounce is a controversial Long Beach California night club that caters to a niche audience. Some feel it's discriminatory, others feel it actually eliminates discrimination; but everyone who visits has one thing in common, and it's not just their love of bumping and grinding with a vodka tonic in hand.

Club BounceClub Bounce

Club Bounce caters to the big and the beautiful and those who admire them. The reason for the controversy surrounding this Long Beach hot spot is pretty self-explanatory, but just in case you missed it let me enlighten you. This business on any given night is filled mostly with full-figured men and women who want a night out where they are the sole objects of desire in an environment where they're not discriminated against because of their size.

Imagine the lawsuits that would arise if there was a night club opened just for the "runway model thin"? Sure, that may be a trend in most Hollywood night clubs, but none have been bold enough to date to write it into their business plan and do weigh-ins at the door. Club Bounce promises that they don't stop anyone from entering due to their size, fat or thin; but they don't put up with those who can't find appreciation for the bulk of their clientele (no pun intended).

Via: Springwise