CLUG Is The World's Smallest Bike Rack

Clip Bike To CLUGClip Bike To CLUG

Have a bike and need a place to store it inside? I'm sure you would rather not get the giant hooks or six foot stands that can be a pain to install and give your place that cluttered feel. A great new alternative is the CLUG, the smallest, simplest way to secure and store your bike.

CLUG Bike RackCLUG Bike Rack

That's it (in the picture above). All you do is mount it to a wall and then clip your bike on by the tire. The CLUG comes in three sizes, so it will fit just about any sized tire. The CLUG also comes in different colors and is very simple to install. Just mount the "clipper" to a wall and then attach the "gripper."

One of the coolest things about CLUG is that it is a 3D printed product. IoT Design Shop has partnered with CLUG to print their pre-ordered CLUGs from their Kickstarter campaign. Those are expected to ship in mid-September. CLUG isn't on the market, so you won't be able to run out to a sporting goods store and pick one up just yet. However, you can keep up to date on their production progress on the CLUG site