Carbon Dioxide Eating TREEPOD Gives Shade In Light & Light At Night

Dragon's Blood Tree native to the island of Socotra, Yemen: image via wikipedia.orgDragon's Blood Tree native to the island of Socotra, Yemen: image via wikipedia.orgInspiration comes from all corners for the de-carbonizing artificial tree dubbed the TREEPOD.  The idea began with Dr. Klaus Lackner, whose team at Columbia University developed humidity swing technology, a  system of using evaporating humidity in the air to remove carbon dioxide. That invention inspired  the city of Boston...

... to introduce the TREEPODS INITIATIVE that inspired SHIFTboston to investigate possibilities for the design of the TREEPODS and to choose the Paris design house Influx_Studio to create the design of the TREEPODS.

Influx_Studio, inspired by the exotic Dragon's Blood tree, a native of the island of Socotra off the coast of Yemen, created a biomorphic, wide-shadow casting artificial tree that provides a maximum of shade during the day, allowing for plenty of air to flow between its branches and pods, and provides lovely solar-powered light at night.


TREEPODS cleanse the air of carbon dioxide: © Influx_StudioTREEPODS cleanse the air of carbon dioxide: © Influx_Studio


 TREEPODS create magical lights from their photovoltaic cells: © Influx_StudioTREEPODS create magical lights from their photovoltaic cells: © Influx_Studio


The TREEPOD is about as green as it can be at this point in our technological capability.  Recycled materials make up the tree's structure, the pods contain photovoltaic cells to harvest enough energy to feed the filter system as well as to provide lighting at night.  At the top of the pods, a fan and air filter catch the CO2 from the air and it is absorbed by an environmentally friendly resin. When the resin mixes with water from pipes centered in the tree 'trunk,' the CO2 can be removed and stored.


TREEPOD unit (image darkened by author): © Influx_StudioTREEPOD unit (image darkened by author): © Influx_Studio


TREEPOD construction: © Influx_StudioTREEPOD construction: © Influx_Studio

The TREEPOD is, for now, a concept. Should this concept be actualized, settings could include mini-parks where community members could find a place to relax in the shade, a well-lit rendez-vous at night, and a spot or two of clean air.


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