Coaching Watch Is Soon To Be $150 Worth Of Smashed, Irreparable Pieces

There are plenty of fitness monitors out there that measure your heart rate, exercise time, distance traveled, calories burned, etc. In fact, I'd wager a bet that the market's pretty saturated with these devices. So much so, that any market newcomer had better have a pretty good gimmick up its sleeve.


While current watches let you break down the numbers on your exercise routine, upload and analyze them on your computer and share them with virtual workout buddies, they don't do much in terms of simple, kick-in-the-ass motivation. The Coaching Exercise Watch, on the other hand, packs all the kick in the ass you can handle, tracking your fitness routine with monitors like heart rate, kcal consumption, heart rate zone, and time. It then lets you know if you need to step it up or if it's time to slow down and take a sip of water. Once you're done, the watch lets you know if you've met your daily goals. It even keeps track of a full week's worth of exercise data to make sure that you stay on track. 

Here's the full exercise-speak version: "Two exercise programs that follow guidelines set by the American College of Sports Medicine--improving fitness and weight management--help guide the wearer before, during, and after exercise based upon results of the fitness test. During exercise, the watch provides real-time intensity feedback using an exercise progress indicator that alerts the wearer when more or less effort is required to keep heart rate within specified parameters and displaying average heart rate, kcal consumption, heart rate zone, and time." 

This seems like a pretty solid idea, but there's one problem: most people I know that run, go to the gym or exercise in any other way, shape or form really don't want a snarky, little watch letting them know how insufficient their exercise routine was while they're on the sidelines coughing up a lung. Any such device may just meet a quick demise. 

If you think you're man or woman enough to handle the pre-, mid- and post-exercise commentation, you can find the Coaching Exercise Watch at Hammacher Schlemmer for $150.

When I first looked at the design, I thought it looked a lot like a Suunto. I looked a little closer and it even says Suunto in small writing on the face. But it isn't cited as a Suunto in its description--kind of a selling point. It's also a bit cheaper than the average Suunto. So I don't know if it's a blatant knock-off, Suunto-sourced Hammacher-branded watch or a Suunto-designed interface on a cheaper watch. Proceed at your own risk. 

Update: It looks to be the Suunto M4 --or rip-off thereof. You can find that watch at Amazon

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