Coca-Cola Zero Free - Classic Coke Flavor, That Is All

Coca-Cola is a soft drinks powerhouse in Japan, flogging (under a variety of names and labels) everything from sports drinks to fruit juice to canned coffee. The multinational corporation's core Coke brand still holds pride of place in the company's lineup, however, and the upcoming release of "Coca-Cola Zero Free" adds a fourth player.

What's interesting about Coca-Cola Japan's marketing strategy is that 3 out of the 4 current varieties of Coke boast Zero calories, and those 3 have all been launched in the past 3 years (Coke debuted in Japan in the spring of 1957).

Coca-Cola Zero Free sets itself apart from Coca-Cola Zero, Coca-Cola Plus and Coca-Cola Plus Fiber not just by sporting a snazzy black-on-gold label, but by taking the minimalist route regarding its ingredients:

  ZERO calories

  ZERO sugar

  ZERO caffeine

  ZERO preservatives

  ZERO synthetic fragrances

Though tasters have yet to chime in - they can do so after the April 26, 2010 launch date - one assumes the only flavoring detectable will be that of Coke's top-secret herbal extract.

One also wonders if it's now possible to figure out the formula by simply analyzing Coca-Cola Zero Free's actual chemical makeup, now that presumably everything else has been removed.

In any case, Coca-Cola Japan will be proffering Coca-Cola Zero Free as "a delicious new drink that adults enjoy when relaxing at night, for someone who cares about their health." Hmm, don't those people already drink bottled water? (via Eming, main image via Serious Eats)