Cockroach iPhone Case For The iPhone 5: Ideal For Insect Texting

The Cockroach iPhone Case surrounds your precious iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s with tough yet flexible silicone designed to imitate one of natures most successful species. That's good. The Cockroach iPhone Case looks, well, like a six-inch long cockroach. That's... not so good.

What were the boffins at Hamee thinking when the idea for the Cockroach iPhone Case was making the rounds during the design phase? Well, look at it this way: modeling an iPhone case after a near-indestructible creature that's survived and thrived virtually unchanged for 350 million years is a no-brainer, amiright?

The Cockroach iPhone Case is kinda creepy – being an iPhone case, users must press it to their ear when making or taking a call. It's not an action that automatically comes to mind when picking up an actual cockroach. You know, one that might be ready to lay thousands of eggs.

On the bright side, the tough yet flexible silicone case “should” protect your phone should anyone do what they'd automatically do should they see a cockroach: stomp on it. (via Walker Plus and Craziest Gadgets)