These Coffee Ads are Sure to Wake You Up!

Java.  Joe.  Go-Juice.  Battery Acid.  Forty Weight.  Mocha.  Mud.  Varnish.  Or just plain coffee.

Whatever you label it, coffee is considered by many to be THE miracle fluid designed to motivate an individual away from lethargy.  And don't think for a second that the marketing firms don't know this.  Oh, they do, my dear friends.  They do.

And as such they blow millions of bucks per year to get your attention.  Sure, some coffees taste better (much better) than others.  Luckily, taste isn't a factor when advertising is concerned.

Coffee Ad # 1: Bonafide

Yep.  That's what Good Morning feels like.

Coffee Ad # 2: Folgers

That's quite the java manhole.  I have to wonder if a line of believers holding mugs formed to drink of the holy "earth" coffee... (Folgers Coffee)

Coffee Ad # 3: Aroma

Um... I don't get it.  Is the tiny espresso mug crammed in this woman's mouth supposed to represent something akin to a medical intubation procedure?

Coffee Ads # 4: Not sure who these guys are...

The following three ads are from the same campaign.  I couldn't read the company logo on the dishes (lower right corner of each ad), but found the campaign to be quite novel.


Mickey MouseMickey Mouse


The notion that coffee spurs the brain into creativity is a great selling point, and the execution of these ads actually carry that message by... well, by being creative.

Coffee Ad # 5: Black Sunshine

Extreme Group, an ad agency out of Toronto, Canada was given the dubious assignment of marketing a coffee bean new to Canada.  They state: "With no brand name, identity or packaging, we were tasked with introducing a rare type of Caribbean coffee bean into Canada. Using the exclusivity of the beans, as well as the addictive nature of the product itself, we turned what most already consider their #1 vice into a high-end drug: Black Sunshine. Visit the dealer, check out the product and complete the deal. But be careful: patience is limited and those guns are loaded."

Okay...  Even with their description-which would not be included with the ad when in print-I still don't really get it.  The ad makes me think of a video game-not coffee.  And with no hint to what product is being pushed, this ad is just plain forgettable. (*see below)

Coffee Ad # 6: Burger King

It took me a couple of glances to get this ad.  See, if the doctor doesn't drink his Joe, he's gonna fall asleep while cutting on his patient.

At first I thought the ad was saying something like, "If you cut yourself open and pour coffee in your gut it will wake you up faster."

Silly me.

These last examples are all from the reigning fast food champion: McDonald's.  I have to admire this corporations shotgun shell splatter pattern of advertising when it comes to coffee.  From subtle to disgusting, these guys have it covered.

Coffee Ads # 7: McDonald's

This ad is insanely subtle.  On all four corners of the magazine you can see stains from the bottom of a giant coffee cup-implying that McDonald's extra-large coffee is about the size of a beer keg.

The following video shows McDonald's Steaming Transit Shelter, a novel ad campaign that inserted a steam machine inside the shelter to remind people how delicious a hot cup of Go Juice can be:

McDonald's even converted a streetlight into a carafe filling a cup full of coffee to advertise for their free Joe campaign.

But this... well, this is just plain gross looking.  While I think it's supposed to be a coffee bean, it looks more like a fossilized sausage biscuit.

Nasty.  Why not just put a steaming turd as the picture?


SOURCE: Ads of the World

* I was contacted by Paul LaBlanc of Extreme Group in response to my comments regarding Black Sunshine:

"I own the agency Extreme Group that you mentioned here in your site. We did the creative for Blacksunshine. You refer to it as a print ad which, given what you said about it, I get why you said what you said. However, this isn't an ad. It's a screen capture from the web site we built for them. Go to and you'll have the entire experience."

So there ya go!  Check it out!

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