Start Your Morning Right With the Aroma of Coffee Art

Angelic AromaAngelic Aroma

We all enjoy a nice, steaming cup of coffee in the morning, right? Artist Ryan Lewis creates art from raw coffee. 

Using raw coffee as his medium, many of his paintings tend to depict coffee cups interacting in “human” situations. 

Brother CupsBrother Cups

As a small boy, Ryan watched a man paint using coffee and always wanted to try it. He mostly uses the cheapest brands, as he is not picky. He has brewed espresso but most of the time just brews a small cup of super strong dark coffee. 

Dropping BombsDropping Bombs

He uses a technique similar to watercolor painting and mixes light and dark blends of coffee to get the shading that he needs. Interestingly enough, you can smell the coffee on his paintings. He says that most people don’t even realize what his paintings are painted with until he tells them.  

Flame O CupFlame O Cup

Swirly CupSwirly Cup

Teufel CafeTeufel Cafe

The Aroma of BalanceThe Aroma of Balance


Now, I know all of you coffee lovers are out there salivating over these artistic creations and dreaming of owning one of these in order to one day lap up the painting when you find yourself out of your precious coffee. But don’t wipe that drool away just yet – Ryan says that his paintings taste and smell horrible, as they are entirely too strong. Still, it would be cool to have one of these hanging in the kitchen.

Check out more coffee art from Ryan Lewis at his website.