Coffee & Cigarettes Combo Packs Give You Twice The Vice

Coffee & cigarettes: IIt may not be the Breakfast Of Champions but for all too many it's the breakfast of convenience. So common is this nutritionist's nightmare its a wonder the two haven't been packaged together and sold as a set. Well wonder no more: the "killer combo" has been offered in Japan for some time now.

The set pictured at this article's lead features a can of Georgia Black coffee (quite tasty, as Japanese canned coffees go) along with two packs of Marlboro Ice Mint menthol cigarettes for 640 yen, or about $6.85... you gotta love the "AM/PM" logo.

The marketing mash-up isn't designed to benefit consumers, though smokers' bloodshot eyes will surely light up at sight of these combination sets on store shelves. The concept actually allows cigarette marketers a way to attract buyers both old and new - they can't offer direct discounts because Japanese retail law forbids it.

The set above offers a can of Georgia Black coffee with a package of Marlboro Wides for just 330 yen (about $3.50), but the promotional text stresses the fact that the coffee comes "free" with the purchase of the cigarettes. A bit of pricing sleight-of-hand, obviously, but a way to get around the retailing law - plus Georgia (owned by Coca-Cola, btw) gets exposure to smokers who might not normally seek out their coffee.

This combo set was featured at Japan's ubiquitous 7-11 convenience stores so consider it an advertising 3-way of sorts. Speaking of which, the coffee & cigs combo set would be complete if they'd include an adult DVD. (via CScout Japan and Weird Asia News)

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Steve Levenstein