Coffee Ground Printer Makes Addicts Feel Less Guilty

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Sometimes I come across a green concept that I wish would really be put into practice, like this innovative eco-printer idea. The printer uses ink made from coffee grounds to print text. Sounds pretty neat right?

If you know me well you know I don't like coffee. I can't stand the taste or the smell of it, but I know plenty of coffee drinkers that would be willing to give me their used coffee grounds for free. So, I would have more than enough coffee to use for ink daily if I needed to on this RITI Coffee printer, designed by Jeon Hwan Ju. Besides this planet-friendly-printer concept can also derive ink from tea grounds. In addition to the planet-friendly ink idea the machine also requires zero electricity to power up. Its man powered.

Here is how it works (the idea anyway): a piece of paper is placed in the middle of the machine, the coffee or tea grounds are placed in the ink case at the top of the machine and then as a final step (this is what makes this cool machine impractical) a person- you, me or anyone else- slides the ink case from left to right across the machine. When the text is printed on the paper the paper can be pulled out.

Sure moving it by hand is not exactly time efficient, a very slow process indeed, but by using man power to run the machine there would be a tremendous amount of energy conservation in every office that used it. Imagine how much energy would be saved if these printers replaced all the printers around the world. No one would turn his or her reports in on time, but the idea is nice. The eco-printer concept just needs a few adjustments.

For example, what if solar power was used to power up the machine and slide the ink case back and forth. Or, I like this idea best, what if in an effort to promote better healthy and eco-friendliness a stationary bike was attached to this machine. Reports would come out as fast as the rider pedaled. There would be no more cubicle potbellies with this machine. On another note the machine could also be powered with coffee, coffee for ink and fuel. This is definitely something to think both on an environmental and financial perspective. Just thinking about the money it would save me per year, over $200 on ink alone for my small business, and I can't help but anxiously await a product like this to come out on the market.



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